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Southern Ocean Chiropractic Reviews

What Dr. Smith’s Patients Are Saying…

Still unsure if care at our office is right for you? See what other patients are saying about their experience with our practice. While we can’t guarantee you’ll get the same results as these folks, isn’t it worth taking the chance to find out?

Peripheral Neuropathy / Carpal Tunnel

“Prior to seeing Dr. Smith my knees, ankles and wrists were swollen and had limited motion of both hands and shoulders. This affected my ability to work. I was listed as 100% disabled with the state. I saw several doctors and had various treatments, but no one could me. When I saw Dr. Smith I was desperate. He has changed my life! I can do everything under the sun! In the winter I travel 70 miles one way just to see Dr. Smith.”
Don French


I am thankful for the treatment I have been receiving. Learned so much about where my pain is really coming from. I am happy and very pleased that my treatment is working for me. Amazing, I don’t have a knee problem it’s coming from my foot. Thanks Dr.Smith, for explaining everything your the best.

~ Linda B.

I lost over 150 pounds!

Over the last 3 years I’ve lost over 150 pounds through diet and exercise. I could never have done it without Dr. Smith. I have not missed a single day at the gym due to injury thanks to him.

~ Maria L.

Sciatic Pain

I had sciatic pain from botched surgery years ago. That is doing just marvelous. Dr. Smith is my miracle worker.

~ Pat R.

Back to doing everything!

I had no use of my hands. I was 100% disabled. After getting helped by Dr. Smith I can now do everything under the sun.

~ Don F.

Going above and beyond

I saw two physical therapists, a pain management doctor, family doctors and two other chiropractors. Dr. Smith was the only one to help me. He has gone above and beyond any other doctor that I’ve ever worked with and I think him for that.

~ Robin V.

I have my life back!

For two years I couldn’t do anything that I used to do. I saw specialist from New York to Atlantic City. Within two or three weeks of seeing Dr. Smith I begin to get better and now I have my life back.

~ Maryann G.

Dr. Smith is the best!

I’ve been seeing chiropractors for over 47 years, and I found Dr. Smith to be the best one that I’ve had over the time.

~ Jack B.